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Founders & Advisors

Jules Urbach

CEO and Co-Founder OTOY

Jules sets the strategic vision for OTOY, and is the chief architect of the company’s technology roadmap. Widely hailed as a pioneer in computer graphics, streaming and 3D rendering with over 25 years of industry experience. He made his first game, at 18, and went on to make the web’s first 3D video game platform and licensed the software to Macromedia, Disney, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Microsoft, Hasbro and AT&T. His life’s work has been to revolutionize 3D content capture, creation and delivery.

Alissa Grainger

President and Co-Founder OTOY

Alissa sets the strategic direction of OTOY and leads all operations. For nearly a decade, her passion has been to take the genius of OTOY’s patents and research and bring them to the mass market. She spearheads the company's activities worldwide and drives all partnerships, financings, and acquisitions. In the last 18 months alone, Alissa led key deals with Facebook and Unity to bring OTOY’s technology to billions of consumers. She also closed strategic partnerships with HBO, Disney, Discovery Communications, Mattel, Liberty Media and Madison Square Garden Group. Prior to OTOY, Alissa started a venture fund with technology writer, George Gilder, which invested in startup and mid-stage technology companies. Alissa graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgetown University.

“The Render Token project opens up a world of opportunities for entertainment companies such as Disney, HBO, and WME/IMG to have a foolproof and reliable way to render and distribute their assets, virtual services and IP through the blockchain. This represents immense value for users, as well as content creators - who have seen revenue fall and direct channels eroding year after year.

It is clear to me that immersive computing is going to replace traditional media platforms and services. OTOY is making this happen years ahead of schedule.”

- Ari Emanuel Advisor RNDR Token Co-Founder and Co-CEO, WME IMG

“This project will revolutionize the way that 3D assets and their respective digital rights are transferred and distributed across people and entities. OTOY is transforming their state-of-the-art expertise for rendering into a decentralized network that will cater to a wider audience.”

— Brendan Eich Advisor RNDR Token Founder and CEO of Brave Software and the Basic Attention Token Co-founder and Former CEO, Mozilla Creator of JavaScript

“As an advisor to OTOY since the beginning, I applaud their new architecture for transactions and security. The Render Token is by far the most interesting project that I've seen in the space, as there is already a vigorous market for the service, dominated by OTOY, that can be rationalized and harvested through blockchain technology.”

— George Gilder Advisor RNDR Token Noted Economist Founder and Partner Gilder Technology Fund

“Modeling virtual worlds is enormously exciting but modeling the actual Universe is even better. In the future, by leveraging spare computing cycles worldwide through blockchain, OTOY’s next phase could open up the possibility of furthering scientific research through significant advances in our modeling of the Universe.

Decentralized and realistic GPU rendering as embodied in OTOY’s work and this project in particular present the potential for a major leap in tackling the challenge of limited computing resources — acting a bit like the Universe itself — rewarding participants meaningfully for their contributions both big and small. As we collectively unlock the Universe’s secrets, our world will be the richer for it.”

— Lisa Randall Advisor RNDR Token Frank B. Baird, Jr., Professor of Science Harvard University

Manuel Araoz

CTO Zeppelin Solutions

Manuel has been working with smart contracts for the past 4 years, building popular apps and libraries in the space (Proof of Existence, Streamium, Bitcore and Decentraland). He's currently CTO at Zeppelin Solutions and lead developer of OpenZeppelin, an open-source framework to build secure smart contracts in Ethereum. He's also advisor to several high-profile projects in the blockchain industry, and a partner at INBlockchain.

Demian Brener

CEO Zeppelin Solutions

Demian is co-founder and CEO of Zeppelin Solutions. He sets the strategic direction of OpenZeppelin and zeppelinOS, and leads Zeppelin Solution's auditing and consulting business. Demian has been active in the space since the early days and pioneered the first implementation of Bitcoin's payment channel protocol - Streamium . His work has been featured in major publications including Forbes, Bloomberg and Techcrunch, and industry-specific publications including 'Blockchains in the Mainstream' book and 'A Securities Law Framework for Blockchain Tokens'.

“In a world where originality, creativity, and deep talent don't always come from the most obvious places, the RNDR token can bring cutting-edge rendering tools to empower countless content creators and users. In BRIC countries and other emerging markets, the decentralized nature of this blockchain technology makes the RNDR network's impact exponential. The dawn of a new form of creative economy is here, and here to stay.”

— Jennifer Zhu Scott Founding Principal, Radian Council Member, The Future of Blockchain Council World Economic Forum

Operations and Development Team

Kalin Stoyanchev

Project Lead

Kalin has been following and studying blockchain technology since 2011 and is responsible for overseeing the integration of blockchain with the RNDR network, as well as managing the project workflow.

Charlie Wallace

Chief Science Officer

Charlie is responsible for emergent hardware technology as well as managing the engineering team. In his 25 years as an engineer, Charlie has developed for almost all desktop, console and embedded platforms.

Adam Bodnar


Adam is a full stack engineer with special interests in graphics and parallel computing. He likes running long distances.

Kevin Bockman


As a 5 year veteran at RightScale as a Senior Linux Systems Engineer, Kevin helps maintain server-side operations.